What to do before a spray tan?

Preparing well before a spray tan is the most important part of the spray tanning process. In fact, if you have not been told what to do before a spray tan, the chances are that your spray tanning experience will not be a happy one.

Spray tan preparation steps are:

  • Book your spray tan in about 48 hours before your special occasion. Timing is important, because sometimes a fresh spray tan can have a slightly orange hue which settles next day. Additionally, having a day between getting a spray tan and getting ready for a function will give you enough time to take care of any unlikely problems that might arise.
  • If you are going to shave or wax (recommended) before spray tanning, do it a day before, since you need the pores to close properly after hair removal. If they don’t, excess spray tan solution can lodge in those pores and that will give you a spotty look – not very attractive.
  • The most crucial step – exfoliate! If you skip this step or do not exfoliate well, you might not get a good tan and when it starts to fade it is likely to come off in patches. The best time to do it is also a day before your spray tan so that the skin has a chance to recover. Be very, very thorough in places where there is a buildup of dead skin like elbows, knees and ankles.
  • On the day of your spray tan have a shower using a soap or body wash that does not contain a lot of moisturizers. Do not apply anything to your skin like moisturizers, body butters or even deodorant or make up. Those things have a tendency to block spray tanning solution from reaching your skin and you can finish with lighter patches. Some deodorants can also react with a spray tanning solution and turn your underarms green! If you need to – carry some wet towelettes and wipe your underarms when you need to. That can also work for make up if you truly, positively have to wear some before you get to the salon.
  • When you will get to the salon you will need to get into a thong, put on a shower cap, apply some moisturizer to your knees, elbows and ankles and a lot of moisturizer to your nails and palms of your hands to keep them white.

If you have any more questions about what to do before a spray tan it would be a good idea to ask them at the time when you book your appointment as your spray tanning technician might have some more suggestions.

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