How To Remove Spray Tan?

If I got just a dollar for every time somebody asked me - How to Remove Spray Tan? I could accumulate quite a little stash in my piggy bank ;-)

I have been in spray tanning industry for over 8 years, operating my own business, training other people and answering A LOT of questions about the spray tanning process. Ways of removing spray tan – is one of the most common ones.

Of course it is not because people hate being spray tanned, but every now and again you might get too much of a good thing, or not do too good a job with pre spray tan exfoliation and finish with - Oh, horror! dark patches on knees and elbows. Anybody that ever came down with a bad case of patchy spray tan will usually head straight to the computer and Google: “How to Remove Spray Tan”


And as every regular spray tanner knows – eventually even the nicest spray tan gets way beyond repair and just HAS TO come off.

So, there are two scenarios:

1.     You like your spray tan, but in some places there is too much of it and you need to get some removed to blend the color to the rest of your body.

2.     The spray tan has outstayed its welcome and you just want to get rid of it all in one step.

First Scenario – Getting rid of spray tan from some body parts.

  • Just after getting your spray tan, while you are still damp, look the tan over to see if there are any places that are definitely way too dark. If you see any, use a wet towelette to gently wipe the access off. Pay particular attention to your knees, elbows, ankles, knuckles and those ridges around your toenails and fingernails. I usually have a q-tip handy to pick up an excess of spray tanning solution from there – nothing worse than fingernails that make you look like you have been digging in the dirt all day.

If you missed the obvious telltales of spray tan overabundance while at the spray tanning salon and came out of the shower with brown splotches, you have number of options:

  • Lemon juice or vinegar – the gentlest way, but will work only on light stains. The acid in lemon or vinegar will gently remove some of the color, but don’t expect for the hard stains to shift.
  • Hydrogen peroxide or a body scrub will work on deeper stains as will an exfoliating glove. Don’t overdo it though, because it is quite possible to remove too much color and then you might be left with light patches, instead of the dark ones, which is just as frustrating.
  • Pumice stone – only for places like feet and palms of the hands as it is very abrasive and will take your skin off as well as your spray tan if you are not very careful.
  • Foundation and concealer – if all else fails and you really have to look presentable ASAP just camouflage it! The good news is – tomorrow those patches will be lighter and in a week they will be all but gone, so don’t stress about it.

Second Scenario – How to get spray tan off from all the body.

When it is time for removing your spray tan all you need is a hot, soapy bath and a good exfoliating glove.

Have a long, luxurious bath and then just scrub. How much spray tan will be removed depends on the quality of your exfoliating glove.

My own spray tan removal mitt is the same tool that I use to prepare before spray tanning.  It is called Baiden Mitten and before I discovered it I thought that all exfoliating gloves are the same.  They are not.

Here is the link;

You will notice that they do not mention that glove is great for spray tanning, but I found it to be superb in more ways than one.

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